Running for the openSUSE Board 2014

Hello fellow Geekos! After 10 months serving on the Board, my current tenure on the Board is due to end this year. It's been a busy 10 months, during which time I've been involved in progressing the reform of the Ambassador/Advocate & Local Coordinator Programmes, monitoring the... [Read More]

A few quick tweaks for openSUSE 12.3

Here's a few tips and tricks that some people might want to use to fine tune their openSUSE 12.3 machines 'Traditional' Multi-monitor behaviour for GNOME 3 workspaces GNOME 3 has a bit of a weird way of handling multiple monitors with its multiple workspaces feature. When switching workspaces, it's only... [Read More]

Intel Power Management on openSUSE 12.3

Regular readers may recall that I've done quite a bit of work looking into optimising Power Management in openSUSE on Laptops using Intel Chipsets (especially the Sandybridge/Ivybridge chipsets and their integrated graphics) You can read my previous article HERE, where I go into some detail about lots of options... [Read More]

Ubuntu: Reflections from a Geeko

In the past few days, there has been a fair amount of concern raised by the Ubuntu community about the current state and direction of their project, in particular Canonicals role in it. As my involvement with Ubuntu has only been the occasional installation to... [Read More]

A short FOSDEM story

Phew! FOSDEM was great this year. Just like last, I was there as part of a huge openSUSE showing. I plan on writing a full report, but here's a short anecdote that really sums up why FOSDEM is such a great event and openSUSE is such an awesome project. Early... [Read More]