Hello fellow Geekos!

After 10 months serving on the Board, my current tenure on the Board is
due to end this year.

It's been a busy 10 months, during which time I've been involved in
progressing the reform of the Ambassador/Advocate & Local Coordinator
Programmes, monitoring the improvements to the Travel support programme,
countless copyright requests and much more besides, all while
maintaining my contributions to other parts of the project as a regular
Geeko (GNOME & Branding in particular).

With all that said, there is lots more work that remains to be done,
which is why I'm announcing my intention to stand for (re)election to
the openSUSE Board

If you choose to re-elect me, my priority will be to continue to
represent you all, our community of contributors, and to address the
issues of greatest concern to you and our Project.
I hope to encourage further empowerment of both the Board and the wider
Community to take on responsibilities 'traditionally' held only by SUSE
employees. I also wish to improve the working relationship between the
Board and the openSUSE Team.

As you may already know, as of last week I have become a SUSE employee.
As I am working in QA, my 'day job' will continue to have relatively
little to do with openSUSE, but given that openSUSE has been my hobby
and my passion for something like 7 years, I am not intending to let my
new employment change how I serve this community; Though obviously being
surrounded by so many of our contributors in Nuremberg will hopefully
make it easier for me to hear what's of interest to you :)

I hope you trust me with your votes in a few weeks time.
Thanks for all the fun,