Hackweek 0x10 - Day 0

All Good Plans...

It’s here again, SUSE’s 16th Hackweek. A week where all of SUSE Engineering is given time away from their regular grind to work on whatever they want. And of course as this is SUSE we’re talking about, a lot of Hackweek involves the openSUSE Community also. [Read More]

openSUSE & You

Contributing to our Project

The openSUSE Project is awesome. We’re doing facinating stuff that is treading new ground in the world of Free and Open Source Software. If you’re interested in how and why we’re doing this stuff, if you’d like to get involved, then this blog post is for you.... [Read More]

Why You Should Use Tumbleweed

People often ask me why they should use openSUSE Tumbleweed and how it compares to other distributions like Fedora or Ubuntu. The fact is Tumbleweed is actually rather hard, if not impossible to compare to Linux distributions like Fedora or Ubuntu. Both are ‘traditional’, released-based distributions. They build it... [Read More]

openSUSE Face-to-Face Board Meeting 2016 Minutes - Part 3/3

18th-20th March Present: Richard Brown - Chair Michal Hrušecký Kostas Koudaras Tomas Chvatal Gertjan Lettink Bryan Lunduke - Extra special thanks goes to Bryan for attending via video conference at ridiculous hours in his local timezone after urgent personal matters kept him from attending the meeting in person. ... [Read More]