Why openSUSE?

As this is hosted on my personal blog, this should probably go without saying, but given the topics covered in this post I wish to state for absolute clarity that the content of this post does not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the openSUSE Project or my employer, SUSE Linux GmbH.... [Read More]

Intel Power Management on openSUSE Tumbleweed

In the past I've posted several articles on various tweaks to improve Power Management on Intel Sandy/Ivybridge hardware, based on my experiments with my Lenovo X220 With more recent releases of openSUSE, I've been experimenting with my old tweaks, and found that they NO LONGER help with power... [Read More]

Testing Fedora with openQA

I've been working a lot with openQA lately, openSUSE's great operating system testing tool, and I think some of what I've been getting up is kind of interesting. This is likely to be the first of a series of blog posts about my crazy adventures with... [Read More]

Changing of the Guard

I recently received some bittersweet news, my good friend Vincent Untz is stepping down as Chairman of the openSUSE Board as a result of a happy personal event that I'm sure is going to keep him busy in the months and years ahead. In addition the formal thanks as part... [Read More]

openSUSE Election Platform

This is a copy of my openSUSE Election Platform, that I'm putting here with the shameless intention of doing my best to ensure as many people read my thoughts as possible. The original can be found on our official wiki Introduction and Biography Hi! I'm Richard Brown, 31 years... [Read More]